Q: Why do i have to become a member?

A: By becoming a member you gain the possibility to access certain areas of the site not visible to unregistered people, in particular those related to resources like tutorials, livestream videos and downloads

Q: Do i have to pay in order to become a member?

A: No, the membership plan is absolutely free and will not require any sort of payment. maybe in the future i will implement some premium membership options to get access to more advanced content, but the one already published as regular will remain accessible to all of those who are normal members (and of course i will keep making contents of this type)

Q: So why do you make some content accessible only to registered users?

A: Though question :). They say that the registration process helps people feel like they are part of a comunity (and on the other end it limits a bit spam on comments :D), so this is made only in order to grow a good audience for the site (and have people become part of my network). In addition, the practical reason is that as i am hosting the videotutorials on Amazon S3 platform, i have to avoid spamming traffic towards the videostreams or the monthly bill will become soon unaffordable :).

The Army

Q: What are the links in the Army section in the footer?

A: The army, besides being a cool term to list links to the sites of very talented italian cg artists (check them out :)), is also a vision of mine, the attempt of building a network of good people that want to share their knowledge, working experiences, and, why not, with the aim of having good collaborators in case of need.

Q: What i have to do if i want to be part of this vision?

A: Well, this is current a very rough and undefined idea. you could start to be passionate about what you do (and at the present it should be related to digital art, once we will grow into a multinational company we will also care about other things like crochet, scrapbook, decoupage, mass destruction weapons :D), then get in touch, generally i am a kind person and i love to build new connections, if you want to share valid resources, original contents of any type using this platform just ask :).

Q: If i become part of this, will you give me some jobs?

A: This is by far the MOST COMMON QUESTION i heard since i became a freelancer. In social networks, in chats, even by mail, there are a lot of people always asking the same thing. I AM NOT A WORK PROVIDER, nor my skills are so great that i have tons of people offering me works so that i have to outsource them (So please don't ask nor contact me if this is your unique scope, i hate hypocrisy and i will not be very kind).


Q: I am italian, you are italian, why you didn't make the site in italian?

A: Italians are by far some of the most lazy people when it comes to learn and use a different language. But the world speaks english (mine is terrible so it's also a way to practice and improve). All the 3d software out there is in english, of course Adobe has italian translated programs, but didn't you ever feel the pain of searching some menu item and not recognizing it cause you learned the software in an english tutorial? not to mention that if you make expressions (like in AE) they will stop working as soon as you switch to the italian version. So man, move you a**, take that dictionary and learn some good ol' english, trust me, also your businness will benefit from this!
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